how long to beat dokapon kingdom

 · don’t tell me the ending to: dokapon kingdom. Dokapon Kingdom is an almost entirely unknown game. Recently released for the Wii and PS2 (both versions identical except for 16:9 and progressive support on the Wii), Dokapon Kingdom is a multiplayer board game.

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Dokapon Kingdom is out. Wii or PS2 version? | NeoGAF –  · Dokapon Kingdom’s perfectly balanced multiplayer, cool aesthetics and pure addictive fun make it a new high-water mark for party games on the Wii.. the computer will beat you soul crushingly bad. I can never seem to get first place in a game with three CPUs. Second at times, but not for long either. Somehow though, I manage to scrape along.

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Random Game Never To Play Alone (Or Else) #1: Dokapon Kingdom Posted on June 24, 2012 by geelw I have a stupidly long list of article idea and as usual, not enough time to get them all written, but every so often I’m going to post the occasional test article for your perusal.

This is an excellent game for a rare group of people. You have to be into board games, into RPG mechanics, willing to not take things personally, and have a pretty long attention span. This is not a co-op game, it’s pretty much impossible to play it that way, so competition amongst players is a must.

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 · Dokapon Kingdom is the sort of game that everyone, young or old, gamer or not, can enjoy, so long as they’re not easy to anger or frustration, and thanks to the group play dynamics and the sense of humor of the game, it’s likely that even the most serious player will be able to take the game with a grain of salt and enjoy the experience.

Dokapon Kingdom: Items and Equipment | Leisure | Nature – Scribd – . or read online for free. FAQ for the game dokapon kingdom, for the Playstation 2 or the Wii.. Long Spear. You get this when you beat the Demon's Guard.