how long to beat dragon age 2

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[No Spoilers] How long does goty edition inquisition take to beat? Support I already beat Inquisition alone multiple times, with hours increases on every play through, the longest (which is the one I took seriously) was as my DW Elf Inquisitor with time of 327hrs.

Experience the epic sequel to the 2009 Game of the Year from the critically acclaimed makers of Dragon Age: Origins. You are one of the few who escaped the destruction of your home. Now, forced to fight for survival in an ever-changing world, you must gather the deadliest of allies, amass fame and fortune, and seal your place in history.

Dragon Age 2, how long did it take you to finish it? – Dragon. – I beat in about 35 hours on Hard mode. Maybe it’s short compared to the 50 hours I spent playing Dragon Age Origins, but the first Dragon Age was more grind than anything. And yeah, the game would be like 10 hours if you just did the main quest (provided you can get enough gear from just the main quests to be ABLE to beat the game).

The Long Road is a fairly long companion quest for Aveline in Dragon Age 2. If you want to help Aveline with her romance with Guardsman Donnic, or further your friendship or rivalry, then you’ll want to do this quest. I’ll cover how to give Donnic the gifts, meet at the Hanged Man and clear the Wounded Coast of enemies to ensure a quiet patrol.

how long does it take to beat rdr2 The good news is these are sold at all gunsmiths so it shouldn’t take much to get one. If you can having a higher ground will also give you an advantage. Do this three times and you’ll have all the.

For Dragon Age: Origins on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How long does this game take to beat?".

I’ll say that roughly, it takes about 20-25 hours based on the regular campaign. Each Act takes about 5-6 hours, and there’s 3 main Acts/Chapters. Act 1 takes longer, as you become geared to handle the game’s AI and modular boss systems and run.

You didn’t beat the high dragon, it’s name would of been "high dragon" which isn’t the first dragon you face. As for beating the high dragon I had Anders specializing in giving the whole party shields, weapon damage type and his personal page. And I don’t think there is a glitch with the dragon going up on the ledge and not coming down.

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