how long to beat uncharted collection

Is it true the game is the shortest one yet? I know there is a strong focus on short chapters during the first half of the game to introduce the brother but so far I have heard most people will beat the game in under 10 hours and that is with collecting 90% of the collectibles.

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Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Full Gameplay Walkthrough [Longplay] No Commentary Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Remastered Trophy Guide. – In the latter case, check out the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Extended Collection DLC Trophy Guide for more information, and complete the Continuous Speed Run before moving on to step 3 below to save yourself some time.

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Title. I’ve spent 3 days and I’m on Chapter 9 on normal, as I was pretty busy. I’m guessing I can beat it in just over 12.How long did it take you guys to finish Uncharted 2?

Find out how much time you have left to complete your entire video game backlog on Steam. Calculate different completion level playtime statistics (main, extras, completionist), slice by genre and Metacritic score, and filter to your favorite games!

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 · Uncharted: The Lost Legacy might be $39.99, but it’s a long game. You can expect to spend nearly the same amount of time on it as you did in.

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 · I bought a bunch of PS3 games and so far I’ve beaten these games in this order: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune LA Noire God Of War 3 Heavy Rain I have these games left metal gear solid 4 Dantes Inferno inFAMOUS Bioshock 2 The sly collection list the order that I should beat them

I have always defended the series’ linear nature, but The Lost Legacy now has me wondering what larger open-world Uncharted game could be like. The Lost Legacy isn’t as long as a normal Uncharted, but.

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halo 4 how long to beat how long to beat half life 2 episode 1 This guide focuses on obtaining all 13 achievements for Half-Life 2: Episode One as quickly as possible. It is possible to obtain all achievements in one playthrough. To speed things up, set the difficulty to Easy. There are no difficulty-related achievements, so it makes your long to beat dead space 3 iconoclasts how long to beat All bosses from the game, including 2 secret ones. Please note, that during the fights with Black (battle 1) and Nobel, you HAVE to take damage. There is no way to avoid this. Iconoclasts on Steam.How long does it take to beat dead space 3 on pc? accepted answer Around 20 hours, according to 186 GameFAQs users who told us how long it took them to beat it. The walking dead returns this weekend for the final episode of Season. Later the show killed off one of the only good villains when they had negan beat simon to death.I’m doing the halo 4 campaign on Legendary for the achievements and the Master Chief multiplayer armor. Any tips on how to go about it? So far it’s taken me like 3 hours to beat the first two missions, so any tricks you guys used would be long does it take to beat fractured but whole how long to beat trine 2 Trine 1 & 2? : patientgamers – reddit – I couldn’t get enough of it, running through it in three player online co-op. Eventually we beat it, then tried the first, and it was a bad mistake. I’m sure the first is great on it’s own, but having experienced the joy of better game play mechanics from T2 it made Trine just feel bland. If you want both, play Trine then Trine 2.