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Lost Sphear is a competently assembled retro product that may dredge up fond memories of older, better JRPGs, but it lacks a personality of its own.

Lost Sphear Review (PS4) | Push Square – Lost Sphear marks Tokyo RPG Factory’s second attempt at rekindling a spark of the past as the developer continues to pump out old-school RPGs. It makes sense, then, that Lost Sphear finds.

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Quoting the game director: Lost Sphear is a bit longer than its predecessor. "Originally we were aiming to make it the same length [as I Am Setsuna]," Hashimoto said. "Ultimately it’s worked out to be a slightly longer game. It probably will take you about 30 hours.".

Lost Sphear, on the other hand, is more than double that price while providing only slightly more content. At that price I would expect a heftier experience, yet all evidence points to the game.

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Majority of the game was Kanata, Lumina, Van, and swapping in and out Shera and Galdra. But later on when Locke gets a new weapon and you’re forced to use him in a battle, he was a powerhouse to be reckoned with, right next to Lumina, so I added him late game in place of Shera and Galdra.

How long does it take to beat Lost Sphear on PlayStation 4? Accepted Answer Around 50 hours , according to 42 gamefaqs users who told us how long it took them to beat it.

Lost Sphear no sound issue – fix no sound error – no sound. – Lost Sphear no sound fixes: Fix no audio effects or no sound at all. Let`s start with the most important and quick fix that is possible to fix Lost Sphear game no sound issue.. You agree with me?

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